SPARK is a Social Networking Platform Based in FREEDOM


On March 20th 1854, 50 Men, 3 Women, and a child walked into the little white schoolhouse in Ripon Wisconsin divided as Democrats, Whigs, Socialists and Free Soilers each with individual beliefs, trusted sources, and values. When they emerged, they were united. United in Freedom.

100 years later in 1954, that moment was celebrated by a presidential proclamation that kindled the "THE FREEDOM FLAME"

We invite all, regardless of your political affiliation or geographical location to stand united each  year on that day and rekindle the flame. 

2- What is SPARK?

In todays world of big tent media, SPARK was created to be a community platform celebrating individuals united in our freedoms.  We are a nonpartisan social media network that collectivly is a grassroots effort towards preserving, liberty, democracy, republic regardless of political affiliation or geographical location.

Our platform provides an outlet to fan the flames of freedom world wide to assure that the freedom flame remains lit and continues to shine light into the darkness.

We welcome anyone to join our community regardless of your beliefs, values, or trusted sources and we look forward to celebrating our unity for generations to come.

SPARK team